At La Maison Boire, every decision is made in respect and harmony with our environment whether it is about renovations, sourcing and purchasing or the creation of our menus.

During renovations, we focused on the selection of the materials used (insulation, energy-efficient windows, smart central heating system, LED-based lighting, etc.).

The furniture in the restaurant was hand-crafted by local artisans and we make our own tableware.

At La Maison Boire, you will not find any straws or paper napkins as we use washable fabric napkins.

During the development of our garden, we decided to build a rainwater recycling system and a composting system that enables us to feed our garden and recycle our organic waste. After that, we further optimized our rainwater recycling system by adding plants and fish to it which is directly beneficial to our garden.

In the kitchen, our beliefs direct us to only purchase local, organic and unprocessed products. Most of these products come directly from the producer without packaging.

We are very proud of these sourcing policies that enable us to dramatically reduce our waste.

Here are a few examples of our home-made products:

  • Flours: we ground our own flour from local, organic whole grains. These flours are used to prepare breads, pasta and desserts.
  • Vinegars: we use organic Quebec wines to make our vinegars which we then flavour.
  • Spices: we grow all our herbs that we dry ourselves to create our house spice blends.
  • Sauces

These small gestures enable us to ensure the freshness and quality of our products, all to the benefit of your taste buds!