La Maison Boire

Our History

In 1893 Mr. Alphonse Boire, merchant and owner of the first sawmill in the region was living in this magnificent building that would become our restaurant: La Maison Boire.

Mr. Alphonse Boire was a man dedicated to his region and it is in part because of him that the first phone lines were installed in Granby.

It is in honour of this accomplished businessman that, after a year of renovations to give it back its lustre of yesteryear, La Maison Boire opened its doors on June 17, 2017.

La Maison Boire is an environmentally responsible gastronomic restaurant that offers a traditionally based yet innovative concept… nothing less!

What made our reputation;

  • Our traditional woodstove cuisine
  • Our refined and authentic artisan approach
  • Our locally sourced and organic based gastronomy
  • Our gardens
  • Our zero waste, self-sufficient vision

Refined, pure, elevated with artisanal influences and reinvented with creativity and originality, our comforting, original and tasty cuisine will charm you with its suppleness and finesse.

Authenticity, refinement and surprises are on the menu at La Maison Boire.

Come and discover our passion for traditional flavours and techniques reimagined to delight your senses!

Vision, Philosophy, Commitments

La Maison Boire is the reflection of our eco-friendly and sustainable vision. The planet, the land and the seasons guide our culinary creativity and thinking.

Respect for our environment and acting in harmony with it have naturally become the foundations or our culinary approach.

Our menu is mainly vegetarian and the few choice pieces of meats that we serve are locally produced using natural and respectful methods where the well-being of the animal is ensured.

At La Maison Boire, we dream of a future where our restaurant becomes a hub for sharing and education enabling us to communicate our vision.

We also want to demonstrate that it is not only possible but advantageous to build a sustainable business offering a refined and tasty menu that leaves no footprint on our planet.

That is why we are committed to reach total self-sufficiency by 2027, in particular by growing our own products in our garden on the restaurant’s roof, by generating our own fertilizer with fish farming, by making our own soap from the ashes generated by the cooking of our products, by making our own tableware and paper, by keeping our own bees, by storing our foods using natural traditional methods, by recycling rainwater, by composting, etc.